Sunday, August 17, 2008

something on my mind...questions?

we are so much associated with them...i mean they are the thing in our life!!! though usually when one hears the word...what first comes to the mind....are the questions asked in the exam!!!
but here i m not referring to those...definitely not!

our mind is the place where they arise...some are answered there itself..some take time to be answered...some remain unanswered and some we just ignore...
there are other aspects to questions ... as in what are they referring to a person a phenomenon a behavior or something else...i know there must be many more aspects...but at present i can only think of these...

i intend to use this post as a repository of questions...any question that comes to my mind...or anyone's mind here...and whoever feels to comment on the question or answer it or wishes to post a new free to do so...

so, here i begin-
  • what is intelligence??? how do you define it??
  • how does a pen drive store data...for that matter even a Cd???
  • what is time???( i mean..this question sounds silly...but i really don't know....)

....ohkk.... i mean they are so damn varied n random...anyways i don't care..these were the first few that came on my mind at this point of time!!!

i's just a matter of posting what's on your mind...!


  1. why is bioinfo center ka dog always asleep, why do i sleep?? why dont i dream anymore??
    and how actually does a pendrive work??
    why do different people have different attitudes??
    Why does some pixels in and LCD screen "die"?

    guess what... i know how a CD works!!!
    chk this out

  2. how do we remember songs so well???

    what governs basic instincts??? for god sake a new born can cry...when everyone around him is happy and mostly smiling...

    how can someone be ignorant of things happening around??? what are the forces that drive ignorance?

  3. why do we procrastinate?

    How exactly do we get confused?