Wednesday, December 16, 2009


It feels good...when

  • On my evening walk on the terrace I spot the incandescent pretending to be cool “Sun”…placed at an empty spot in the skyline.
  • I write my first poem
  • For birthdays and few spl. Occasions, I manage to write a good rhyme scheme for friends and relatives.
  • Our juniors sing “ Yarron Dosti….badi hi haseen hai…” at our farewell and it is for the very first time I have listened to this song when I am with my friends and it was a different feeling altogether, sort of gave a flashback of good times together.
  • “And still those voices are calling from faaarrrr away…” is played on guitar and sung during the terrace jamming sessions
  • “We” “our gang” meet for the first time, since completing our graduation had taken us apart; and there is this single hug which speaks at length of the times we missed each others company.
  • The question I ask has no answers, no answers at all…neither the text books, nor the reference books, not even the research papers have an answer to it…unfortunately nor do I, but the simple feeling of being well read, given a good thought to it and having a good question is so awesome, so what if it happens not so often!
  • I get admissions for my Masters in Pune and pack my stuff and leave the comforts of, my parents, my home and all the best things around me. Unlike the advices and Do’s and Don’ts list that I get from others : my late grand dad says, “ You are going to place which is a bit orthodox it is not as modern in the thought process as is Mumbai, we know the kind of relationship you maintain with your friends and how healthy it is…the lines are placed differently there, be careful that you don’t even cross their lines ”
  • We have the main Gauri Puja during the Ganpati at our place and I am supposed to do the Ganpati Puja for the evening. Everyone in the house is so excited cause they have managed to convince me to were a “nav-vari” saree and yes, I wear it, that to for the first time. Looking at me wearing a nav-vari saree and all the traditional jewellery including the nose ring and doing the Pooja, the kind of happiness that I see on my grand dad’s face is truly just beyond words or just beyond anything in life...
  • My bro studying commerce asks me something related to credit and debit and on me creating a blunder says “bewkuf hai asa nasta…” followed by the correct thing…
  • I see sibs fight, as I do with my bro…
  • My bro says " this female does nothing except tinkering with DNA/RNA"
  • On this day someone asks me “You are in which std.?” I feel younger, I feel being in school…
  • I see pictures from my own childhood and don’t remember anything, not even being clicked.
  • I try to remember, when the first time I saw in the mirror was!
  • I see an infant placed in his mothers comforts responding to the light and dark transitions occurring in a moving train, its just his eyes speak of the whole experience with astonishment.
  • An infant greets me with the cutest “smile” on this planet.
  • My favourite song is played on the FM
  • My mum cooks exactly what I am craving for, for the whole day…without me telling her about it.
  • A flashback of good times with friend and relatives, just feels as if it was just yesterday when we were together
  • I am travelling in the night, windows open-a chain of thoughts running through the mind-cold breeze smashing the face and nothing but darkness accompanying me.
  • A blogger blogs about a thought process, genuine feelings, anything and everything that clicks to me
  • Someone takes my case… I enjoy it, though not always!
  • I spot the full sized, full moon on a full moon day!
  • In the evening I am just lying on my bed and thinking over the setting sun and my favourite song is being played in the background.
  • Someone understands me better.
  • I find someone lazier than me.
  • I achieve something the hard way...cause i better understand its value then, though i wish it was easier!
  • I get appreciated for doing something which is, in the first place not a very big deal (acc. me)...its just that someone makes it appear so.
  • A lie or a mistake gets unnoticed!
  • I remember an “Oops” situation from the past.
  • I write a post for my blog and know that it would be fun to read it after a while…

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