Thursday, December 4, 2008

Simple questions, are they???

Here are some very simple….brain storming questions…??

• Everyone of us have traveled in a bus…and most of us prefer to have a window seat…at least I do…!
So when at the window and the windows full open and air rushing inside and is continuously being bombarded on face….an amazing feeling leaves…. a simple question…all that air that is coming inside the bus from all the windows, from where does it move out??? It must be going out…from somewhere???…its not that its just coming in…right??? So from where exactly does all this air move out????

• Somewhere in those childhood days…used to cycle day-in and day-out…those early days of learning to ride a bi-cycle were full of fear of a fall and bruises on all possible places on the body…I even managed to land up in a gutter once (thankfully it was dry…!) So…what now I can ride bicycle quiet well…but am unable to answer a simple…real simple question…at least it looks simple…why does a bicycle or take just one Tyre of bicycle can balance itself well when in motion….but not in absence of motion??? One would realize that if you go on balancing forces(in order to justify the phenomenon) that are acting on the moving Tyre…same are applicable for a vertically placed motionless Tyre…but still it falls off…!

(Questions …discussed at Tuesday’s group discussion sessions!!!)

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  1. well i got the answer to the first question..... the air coming in the window is also going out of the same window.... its a continuous process.... if u have observed the air is not entering the car using the whole open area of the window.... it enters solely from the back end....not the front end.... and the air enters diagonally... not normal to direction of motion... and so the air leaves from front end... however the air might leave from the back windows also if they are open (again from the front end of the back window). Infact this is an unstable situaiton and the air flow pattern changes from instant to instant and there is no constant stream of air entering or leaving, both the streams fluctuate....

    As to the other Q:
    I feel that if that tire or the whole cycle is set such that its center of gravity is perfectly aligned with the line of gravity, it WILL balance!!! it happens, we can never ever do that cause even slight abnormalities in weight distribution are amplified by gravity and the cycle or tire falls.... this happens even when it is in motion, but it doesn't happen when we are controlling that motion, i.e. riding the cycle, cause then we compensate for these abnormalities in weight distribution and that's what the whole thing about knowing how to ride a bicycle come in!!!