Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Abstract to paper ppt...scheduled 21st feb

yet another sem and yet another paper ppt....though my preparations ...hardly any preps...i m in love with synthetic bio these here it is...abstract to my sorry abstract to the paper i selected...

A Tunable Synthetic Mammalian Oscillator

Marcel Tigges, Tatiana T. Marquez-Lago, Jo¨rg Stelling & Martin Fussenegger

Nature, Vol. 457,309-312 (15 January 2009)


Oscillator circuits mediating the periodic induction of specific target genes are time-keeping devices found in circadian clocks. Here, is described the first controllable mammalian oscillator, constructed based on an auto-regulated sense–antisense transcription control circuit. The circuit encodes a positive and a time delayed negative feedback loop, enabling autonomous, self sustained and tunable oscillatory gene expression. The designed system was monitored using oscillating concentrations of green fluorescent protein with tunable frequency and amplitude, by time-lapse microscopy in real time in individual Chinese hamster ovary cells. This synthetic mammalian clock may provide insight into dynamics of natural periodic processes and also enable complex gene therapy treatments by automating physiological processes in future gene and cell therapies.


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