Monday, April 20, 2009


Behavior is a tricky thing…one's behavior thoroughly depends on: the time, the place where you are, the people with whom you are, your previous interactions with them, your state of mind, your what not…basically; sometimes it depend on all of these and sometimes just on one of them.
One’s behavior is adorned with various shades…and even a very brief interaction with a person gives us an insight into his/her behavior, basically you are in a position to imply or be conclusive about the person’s behavior.

But then why is it that we find or at least I (do) find it difficult to comment on rather be sure of my own behavior or how I behave in general with people.
Basically why is self analysis, so difficult???

Generally what we seem to do is start building our own frame, based on the views that others put forward about us or start looking towards ourselves from others shoes!
This I think is really difficult task…what makes it difficult is precisely our unwillingness to accept our short comings rather we are unable to take care of our own biases about ourselves.
More than that even if you know, about certain shades of your own behavior, its practically impossible to be quantitative.
But it was just yesterday that I came to know that I was addicted to the internet by 35%(after answering to a questionnaire on facebook) Many such questionnaires are available on the world wide web and they are quantitative too and by answering those many like you and me are doing the complex task of self-analysis or rather getting an insight into our own behaviors. At this point we might think that we do it just for fun and nothing like “self analysis” is even closely related to this, is it really???

Before even worrying about the scores assigned to each questions and how exactly the quantitation is done, I think there is a great flaw right in the beginning of the process.
That is, for any human surveillance that you carry out, it is necessary that the subject is unaware of your motives behind the survey.
And this condition is no way met during the exercise, cause you choose to answer the questionnaire, in the first place, because you are interested in particular behavior or character of yours. And it’s always that you have some pre-assumptions about yourself on those grounds and you successfully introduce a bias…! Also one’s you know the purpose of the whole process, from the options available you can easily predict the options that will give you scores at the two extremes and at the mean. The whole process along with its purpose fails, and I think it fails miserably!

In spite of this we enjoy taking the weirdest and stupidest of the quizzes on the www and waste our time, even when there are assignments, submissions and sometimes even exams!!!
So, which is the quiz you are taking up next???

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  1. I just took the "Is it a man or woman" quiz!!! which btw doesn't analyze my behavior... :)

    What u said in the beginning is true i think...that our behavior is dependent on a lot of things!!! And other people can be judgemental about us cause they analyze our behavior at one instance of time (often its first impression!) when our behavior is based on one set of parameters... But self analysis is really difficult cause we analyze our behavior continually, when the parameters (and hence the behavior) are changing.

    But then what about about hard wired behaviors like fight or flight.... may be we should be asking the question how often do humans exhibit hard wired behaviors!!! and when will we encounter a quiz on FB that analyzes that!!!!!!!1