Thursday, July 2, 2009


They were worried about their constant numbers for days together...And today the fate of few of them was going to change...few of them there, were about to be picked up, the future was dark, totally unaware of their destiny! The time came...and they were scraped off in lakhs...! What came next was totally unexpected, they got suspended in a liquid, that liquid was LB!!! Draining off all the worries...
(Seated infront of the Laminar Air Flow armed with a loop, I was doing my usuals of inoculating coli colony in a medium flask...was when I got into the coli's shoes!)
How does it feel like? I questioned and the answer that clicked was "a big fat feast" Oh..really? Naah...! It was something definately beyond feast...I mean feast is "so short term" (sounding "so middle class" types-sarabhai style)It's like I don't know what...but come to think of its a full proof gurantee of survival of your next 30 generations(sounding highly exagerrating)! whoa...!And we as humans here, are not even sure of our own survival, forget about our next generations!

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  1. haha! coliform personified! true microbiologist speaks on behalf of her babies :D