Monday, July 25, 2011

What you say DOES matter...

Bandra station
1st Incidence: Time :       Sunday morning 7-7.30amLocation : Bandra station ticket line
 There is a believable but given the time and day unbelievably long queue for suburban (local) train ticket. I am one of those unfortunates standing in the line. Just one person ahead of me is a Cool guy(soon you will come to know why I refer to him as Mr.Cool) standing in the queue with his friend (I prefer not referring her as his girlfriend)Next what the girl asks is exactly what I was thinking about at that moment( which is pretty obvious given the above details) -
Girl: Why is it so crowded at this hour on a sunday?Cool guy: looks like all the people out here just want to get out on a Sunday morning and explore the suburban train network out there...waiting to get itself explored!Girl:laughsI : smile  2nd Incidence  Time :       Monday evening 7.45pm (today)Location : somewhere in Bandra A guy tweets about the insane traffic in Bandra@b50 Bombay AddictAvoid Bandra. Word's out that it holds the portal to leave this world which ends tonight at 8pm. Everyone's here.I: smile and it reminds me of the first incident and one thing common to bothHow it REALLY does matter what you say... When you are helpless there is nothing you or anyone else can such situations a little sense of humor does much more than just letting it go it brings that unexpected smile and gives you a stress relief :)

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