Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Going UP and DOWN

Train journey is part and parcel of life of every mumbaikar...Commuting everyday to coll, work place et al has its own share of experiences and here are few of my own local train experiences on Harbour and Central line

  • This was the week after the famous 26th July 2005 and i boarded a crowded 9.28am train. Obviously couldn't find a place to sit, the journey began and at every station the train started making contact with the platform, which obviously created friction.By the time train reached vashi, by then it had become really crowded and the continuous friction and added friction at vashi due to the curve...smelt fire. There was panic and the jam packed females in the compartment raised an alarm of fire...panic struck and more than half of the compartment became empty and the train started to leave after 15secs...i got a place to sit in the now empty train....thanks to the psuedo fire alarm!
  • After boarding a jam packed train at Kurla...i realised there was some place to shift for the ladies in front towards the window...but some lady sitting in the direction opp. to that in which the train was travelling, was against it; reason..."mujhe suffocation hota hai...hawa nahi aati" then there was this part of me getting squeezed, explaining her the "air dynamics" that anyways the place she was sitting "waise bhi wahan pe hawa nahi aayegi"...fellow passengers appreciated my efforts with a smile, and there was at least comfortable place to stand!
  • At times i spend my train journey reading stuff; its ok if its HP or Sidney Sheldon or a Jeffry Archer it doesn't call for attention of other co-travellers. But if its a Conn n Stumpf or a Friefilder or a Kuby(or any other bio related book) you invariably will be asked, "Are you a medical student?" "What are you studying?" then a small thought process goes on in the person's mind and then they formulate questions like, "Are the hybrids available safe?Do they cause side effects?" some times an intelligent question like is some ABC syndrome genetic or sex linked? makes its way...mostly the questions are related to genetics...sometimes make me feel i m genetic counsellor!
  • I still remember, I met my JC frnd in train a medical student at KEM and we were so engrossed in discussing Immuno...actually had great discussions through out the journey, it was just us speaking and discussing in the morning 7am train...that to immuno...co-passengers seemed to hear Greek and Latin!
  • Also there was this incident, yesterday...i actually was about to miss the 20.59 ka train from Kanjurmarg so got into general compartment...in Kurla when i got down a TC asked me for my ticket... i was cool as usual and opened my purse for ticket and you wont believe it was filled with tickets all sort of train tickets...and i was just not able to find my return ticket for the day...i remembered keeping it in the purse and now i just couldn't find it...started checking in the bag and then purse again...ticket checker was like madam office mein chalo...i was like nahi late ho raha hai mujhe wait i will find it out...by the time i think he was sure...this female is doing faltu ka natak! Tension was really creeping its way...i would have almost checked my purse 10times and still couldn't find it.And then suddenly out of nowhere, in the same purse i find my ticket...i mean what! I just showed the ticket to the TC and after so much of drama of me searching ticket and telling him i have got a return ticket...he was literally staring at the ticket very carefully checking minutest detail...and to make it fast cause i was getting late...i highlighted "return journey valid till midnight of 21-09-09"
  • One of a kind experience was when, it was some 21 or 21.30 hrs on clock and my train was between kharghar and khandeshwar...i was alone in the ladies first class compartment enjoying the winds and the full moon when suddenly the lights went off...and this patch of the route is a small creek so till quite a distance you don't have civilization as such...it was mast pitch dark...it was just for few minutes but ultimate experience of pitch darkness in the train.
  • Vashi bridge is another heavenly experience of train journey...in night its just beautiful in the evening its soothing, during the day its a aerial view of a huge swimming pool, in the morning its fresh and in the rainy season...its the Arabian sea at its best!Listening to Robaroo and chattin with vidhi on everything under the sun, i have had best of the times in my life here!
  • Train is also the place where i completed my journals, made my last hour exam preparations,read books, made friends, thought of life, science, friends ...even took some right and wrong decisions...heard my worried parents on the phone during the blasts, heard few others shouting on phone, while some others loosing it too...
It's a mixed bag of experiences here...that I cherish in life!


  1. cool blog sups!! mast laga padh kar. esp the vashi bridge wala part. i miss that one re. i travel up and down the same bridge yet, the same sceneries, same beautiful ocean, but no one to share it with... anyway, this blog gives an excellent view of something tht is i guess unique to Bombay... the life of ppl in the Local Train. loved it!

  2. Aaah!! The beauties of Harbour line in New-Bombay...Unmatched...There is a romance with the B'bay local which can be appreciated only if you travel in it....My favourite part was the stretches between Sanpada and Nerul and Belapur and Panvel during the rains....The ghats look spectacular. And as you said, the Vashi bridge during the night in an empty train :)

    Nice post