Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Post "3 idiots"

Okay...I watched 3 idiots and its just awesome! I want to watch it again and again...

It's first of a kind movie I should say which is at par with the book...that it is based on "Five point someone" by Chetan Bhagat.

The core idea that the movie puts forward is to be knowledge sucker and not marks sucker!
And not to mention when Amir delivered the dailogue " saying if you seek knowledge, success will be automatically there, in fact success will run behind you" reminded me of Phadke sir (my HOD at Ruia) saying "exams are just a side effect, they just come and go- we should have a lecture even a day before the exam" So very true...I always feel!

Also, I think the movie has glamorized or rather brought into limelight...the geek, the nerd, the out of the box every class! And this ability to ask questions and thinking unconventionally is there not in just a few from the class but in fact every born soul on this planet...but our education system is far too much against questioning and is to all the extents marks oriented!

No wonder Americans and Europeans of Indian origin win noble prizes in Science...cause education system here,doesn't allow you to think of nothing except marks and peer allows you to think of just a good college-an awesome placement-an excellent package-a decent spouse-children and thats it...thats life!


  1. I would disagree with you. The movie is much better than the book. Chetan Bhagat relies more on sensationalism and emotions, rather than thrill. He focuses on the 'loser' and tries to gain sympathy of the reader. But the movie has Rancho in a more positive attitude towards life. Ofcourse, Farhan and Raju are a little bogged down about life, but Rancho keeps on encouraging them, rather than Ryan's character who keeps cursing the system.

  2. That makes Ryan so much like us...we just bitch about the sys and don't do anything abt it...rather i don't think we can do much! Not that me taking CB's side...but of what i know is, its a true story of none other than he will tend to do that (and in case of a bk based on true story, you can't actually play much with the actual plot) ! Also for a movie the story needs to be rephrased and to some extent rewritten...and that job was done very well in case of "3i"...this might b the reason y the movie failed to give enough credits to CB, making him feel left out!