Friday, December 4, 2009

Telly tour...

Jus happened to see “Bazigar” movie recently and when the famous song was played “ yeh kalli kalli aankeh …tururu tururu..yeh gore gore gal tururu tururu…” I jus couldn’t stop stop laughing…on the lyrics…on srk, on kajol, on their dance, and on myself too cause I used to enjoy dancing and singing that number!

I got a kind of flashback…of my childhood telly experience…

“Kasturi-supri…chai ka mazaa…!” some chai ka ad song…spoofed by my cousins to tease me…so basically I used to dread this ad big time then…!

The bournvita ka ads,

The Cadbury perk ka Preeti Zinta’s ad,

“Mango Frooti…fresh and juicy”…the

“doodh, doodh…doodh hai wonderful pi sakte hain roj glassful doodh, doodh…”

the nirma ad with the toing…. kinda music ;

"jarasi hassi dular jarasaaa…Amul; The Taste of India..aa.aa” and few others with which I associate my childhood and my tv hours with…!

The “Wednesday 7pm” wala “chitrahaar”

…the “Sunday 7am” wala “rangoli” and

10pm wala “superhit muqabla”

…the only musical treat on television…available then…

The detective thrillers…I just remember “Tehkikaat” and “Raja aur Ranchoo”

Sunday mornings were special and unlike now when I spend my Sunday mornings sleeping…the schedule used to be quite busy then…

7-8 Rangoli

8-9 Shree Krishna

9-10 Chandrakanta

10-11 The jungle book

Also “Small wonder” “Bewitched” “The Famous Five” “Duck tales” “Tales spin” “Cindrella” “Captain planet-he’s the hero..Brings pollution down to zero…” were my favourites….!

Yup, there were also some programs that left their mark "Surabhi" was one of them, hosted by Renuka Shahane and Siddharth Kak...this was one show that i never missed...

I think the first movie I watched in theatre was “Jurassic Park” and was really scared on watching it; the funniest part was…I thought we were going to some park that day…!

I also remember watching movies like Anjali, Halo, Mr.India, Andaz Apna Apna and responding to the emotional ups and downs too…

Even the few TV hours we used to have were interrupted with power cuts and then would begin with “candle light entertainment” whole building ka Baccha Company used to be out of their houses. Playing hide n seek…antakshri...n what not…and the kind of uproar we used to have when the power was back…used to be deafening!!!

Today, the telly experience is way different…it’s overdone, I feel!

Back in time it was a treat, a perfect balance of everything…but times have changed and so has the TV!


  1. Mumbaiites had the benefit of DD2. In Pune or elsewhere, we had to be content with DD1 only. And my cousins used to call us backward and didn't spend too much time in Pune, because they would have to give DD2 serials a miss!

    Even "saaptaahiki" was a huge favourite then. They used to give a preview of next week's programmes. And serials like 1-0-0 (ek shunya shunya), Gotya, Mungerilal ke hasin sapne, etc. were favs amongst us.

  2. yep...i do remember gotya satbande it was good....ya we had DD2 which even showed ducktales the evening!