Sunday, May 9, 2010

For someone special...

This is the very first poem that I have read and appreciated as a poem in its true sense, this was published in the Children's Digest long long ago when I was a kid in school.

Second by Second a Minute ends

Minute by Minute a Hour ends

Hour by Hour a Day ends

Day by Day a Week ends

Week by Week a Month ends

Month by Month a Year ends

Year by Year a Decade ends

Decade by Decade a century ends

But my Love for my Mother never ends...

I remember after reading this poem I ran straight to my Mom and said "Mom read this one, its very nice"(With a very broad smile on my face) How, innocent(dumb actually) I was that, I wanted someone who herself is a poet, to appreciate the poem and the eternal happiness that reading such a thing brings!

Love you Mom,

  Happy Mother's Day!!!

P.S: My first photo upload on this blog...:) \m/

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