Saturday, March 27, 2010


First post of the year 2010…
This post was written long back but never posted…reason… don’t know either?
Why it is being posted today…good question?
I got a mail from Blogger team today about the new templates et al which I must admit are truly amazing …now it becomes much easier for non-coders like me to play around and beautify, my favorite destination in the virtual world “”
So when I reached my dashboard after a long time...i realized I hadn't posted for quite a long time and that to for no reason!!!
At the same time, I also wanted everyone to take a look at my blogs new looks!!! :P
To top it all, currently I am amidst a short PL J
PL: Preparatory Leave
My frnd’s status msg: finally they are over (exams)
My comment: I am jealous yours are over and mine haven’t even started L
My frnd’s comment: Pl’s do provide an advantage
My reply to this:
Ya they provide an advantage…if utilised? And the thing is students do utilize PL’s judiciously and reap the benefits as good grades…good, infact its great!
But my tale is a bit different…the way I utilise my PL’s are completely way different then the rest…
It is this PL time when I am a voracious reader and knowledge sucker…tats good if you look at it…but just take a look of what I read and was doing in my this term PL.
I read “Selfish Gene” again also read some of Richard Dawkins articles one of which I have also posted on my blog
Read the Red Queen by Matt Ridley
Visited the webpages of many of the eminent scientists and even noble laureates in whose work I am immensely interested and took a detailed look at their work in the field, read a few reviews and research papers in the process too
Read a number of blogs…started following a few…
Worried about my future…regarding my dreams of joining a graduate school and how difficult it was and what I am going to do in my next yr
Not to mention other normal stuff like social networking, email and rest…
Somehow I find PL best time of the year…I am in the right set of mind to surf on the “randomly drifting wave”, where I jump from one wave to other and its fun…and even if I deliberately to stop myself from doing so…I wont be able to study…so its always in the best of my interest to continue surfing on this wave and enjoy it to the fullest…
I know this is weird but that’s me…


  1. Welcome Back... but the thing i was struck with is that we seem to post synchronously... yesterday night I posted a short post, of the thing which was on top of my mind then - censorship...
    And I was thinking it has been such a long time since i posted something, even though I have 3 completed posts ready, I just cant seem to post them for some reason or the other...

    And regarding PLs... well it is the only time if year i study, the rest of the year is m surfing the internet wave time... especially after joining bioinfo... :P

    Have fun!!!

  2. time i am not gonna post at least for 1 week after u post...u can also do d

    On not posting for no reason...I guess some posts look best in drafts :P or on serious notes...its not the right time to post it...jus a gut feelin converts a draft to post...insane!!!