Friday, December 31, 2010

A year in relationship with...

A yr in relationship with...

 …this is how it looked like :P everything happened  jus through  one simple question
“What’s happening?”
Time(date) line
1st Jan 2010
@khedkarsupriya Account Created
3rd Jan 2010
First tweet - Beginning to live life..."140 character" size!
18th Jan 2010
First Link - Googlism...Is google god? ...Smarter way to address religious beliefs:)
26th Apr 2010
First Sci Celeb follower – Matt Riddley Follows me on twitter…yayy!!!!
5th May 2010
First contribution to twitter lingo - Tweetbuster : Sachin Tendulkar on twitter @sachin_rt
9th May 2010
First mention of blog - Happy Mother's Day!!!
good edu insti= (co-curricular+extra-curricular) activities + ample of opportunities = keeping students on the toes :)
"Things to do after exam" and "sleep" have no intersection if represented using a venn diagram! intersection is actually a null set...;)
It is in the best of human interest that majority of the human population believes in #god, one god would have been ideal though!
why do somethings seem so obvious after their discovery? they never seem so obvious before that at any pt of time ??? #science
I love and respect ' Homo sapiens ' they make 'FRIENDS' 'BEST FRIENDS' and 'FRIENDSHIP' :)
encounter with failure is necessary to take failure positively and talk abt it... it is an imp lesson learnt! so it better be early
whn u dont know something...u get the freedom and liberty to speculate anything, which is logical of course!
shld eat whn u r hungry and not whn its 'the' time to eat! like now :P
it makes REAL sense to do things...when u FEEL the NEED for it! like getting drunk :P
when ppl say short term memory loss they actually mean gold fish memory!
Hawking trending 4 sounding Atheist! he might not but millions out thr do believe in god! God can definitely start TT's if not universe lol
Murphy's Unspeakable Law: As soon as you mention something.. if it's good, it goes away. If it's bad, it happens(almst alwys happens 2 me):|
ABUSE is the best form of anger management evolved till date! I believe in it...everyone should!

tweet on twitter and not twit on twitter or tweet on tweeter..anyways keep tweeting :P :D :) tweet (almost sounds lik a hiccup now) tweet
Formula 4 networking/influence index=(Twitter followers)x2+(FB connections)divided by2(2010 TIME 100)compute tweet,profile info in d making!
twitter stats r worth researching on! wld b interesting 2 lk at d popularity as function of time,followers,RT n appearance of cheaters
Answer to life universe and everything (on twitter) is '140' (not 42)...thankfully we already know the Question??? What's happening?
 aft sumtime social netwking bcomes boring but this isn't d case wid "twitter" definitely not wid "blog" n will nevr happen 2 ur inbox
min. val of(following/followers)^no.of tweets shws u hrdly listn-u dont care wat ppl think abt u-still ppl follow u-u r famous-u r d king!!!
Tweets that remind me of AWESOME time dated then…
what do i like abt twitter? Don't know? all i know is i love twitter..its simple, its social n not so social at d same time ;)
on twitter u should knw whom 2 follow, coz it is 'the' thing tat decides wat u r going to read n wat awesome things u might stumble upon!
wat can potentially trend on twitter can never be predicted accurately! analogous 2 protein structure predictions, selection pressures et al
Trending on twitter is analogous to being on TV during the good old days..mostly a tru n definitely a direct replica of being famous! #saina
RT aka retweet
NeilWithers Neil Withers 
 by khedkarsupriya
@edyong209 @RogerHighfield It's about time the public realised science is mainly done by 23 yr olds with hangovers.
sardesairajdeep Rajdeep Sardesai 
 by khedkarsupriya
world cup like world war 2. the french surrendered early, americans arrived at last minute, british left to fight germans!
fakingnews Faking News
by khedkarsupriya
I wish Sachin was playing right now after scoring a 300, and Obama would have known who matters more to us.

Pseudo RT
A tweet read : Tendulkar: Reducing the no of Atheists since 1989


logged on 2 twitter- n thr r already 10 interesting links to chk :) something #awesome aft a epic lab frustration #fail later #win day!
70,000 characters-500 tweets-56 followers-67following- 'n'(#awesome) on #twitter since 01-01-10... ! :) :D :)
at this hour FM radio #mumbai plays #awesome songs...btw #Radiofreq 94.3 plays #awesome english songs in the night... :)
@susmit93 all i hav to say whn u act smart infront of me is 'i m equally smart + 6yrs (exp.+practice acting smart)' :P #sillysibfights
i enjoy putting my views/ideas into words and reading it at a later point ... it makes life look beautiful !!!
vry 1st interaction wid Nobel Laureate Dr Venki Ramakrishnan d best part being listening to those historic moments!!!
yet another #sunday...but this one's awesome!!! the pleasant weather, a cup of tea and reading TOI at leisure plus some awesome music!!! aftr reading this,1thing i am sure of-its a 'pain' to try n explain layman the complexity that underlies bio systems! i dont knw wat it read after this "nascent Origins-of-Life Initiative" MAN...plz enroll me to Harvard grad school!
someone made my day today ...on the epic journey from Pune to was awesome talking to a complete stranger!
wish could have an awesome discussion mind is in a gr8 mood of spurting ideas and aphorisms!!!

and so it went on....and continues to be #awesome and when my blog link can be tweeted on twitter Why not Twitter on blog! :) :D :)
 I hope tweeple enjoy reading it...and can possibly connect to their twitter time! :)

For someone who isn’t on twitter or is figuring out wat it is…
Facebook is for the people in your class! ..Twitter is for people you wish were in your class :D
Also an advice from my side…
It’s the most important thing to follow right people in life… if you succeed you have an awesome time on twitter; no whr u get to ignore, block and not follow the known stay away types and follow the unknown befriend types J
Hope this relationship continues for years to come…Happy New Year!
An official guide to twitter lingo. Enjoy!

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