Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mumbai Rains!!!

As my tweet goes "April sky...full of dark clouds pouring like never before!!! looks lik a july evening in Mumbai" :)

I do a summersault and dive into the pool of nostalgic-awesome-refreshing goosebumpy moments I have witnessed during the heavy Mumbai rains!!!

As a kid :P ;)
  • first day at school and you end up wetting your new uniform in the rain on your way to school.
  • Dry your umbrellas, rain coats et al in the class making the class look like a shop selling wet umbrellas and raincoats.
  • Back from school and it still rains heavily outside; have a quick lunch and slip into the warm blanket...trust me its heaven and I wish I could do it often on every rainy afternoon!
  • Get drenched in the first rains...first rains that are distributed over a weeks time or even more!!!
  • Jump in the puddle of muddy water and sail boats in the stream that flows from the building to the gutter outside!
Ruia days
  • first year and experiencing the infamous "26th July" 
Palan Mam taking lec amidst 100 calls from home, amidst mass evacuation in Ruia due to rains,  admidst the deafening noise of the pitter-patter rain drops!!! 
One hell of a day it was walking in knee deep water from Mahim to Bandra reclamation, dropping the phone in the flood water, being hit by a huge wave of flood water created by a passing car, playing cards in candle light post reaching home and then one week no college!!!
  • Post second year with apna gang
  1. everyone armed with an umbrella is walking and suddenly you feel some water drops kind of sprinkled on your body and its vids rotating her umbrella!!!
  2. followed by someone purposely tapping the umbrella to repeat the sprinkler effect!!
  3. someone will then try to invert part of the umbrella, try collecting water and since this process takes time everyone will figure out the strategy and try to run off and the collected water will be wasted in the process!!!
---the story of rain drop fights over the years!!!! it just requires a moment of silence either when we are walking or waiting for chai and then steps follow in the order 1 ->2 -> 3 and 1 again!!!

  • not to forget the lohgad and visapur trek and the story of never ending and constantly diluting tea in the rains!!! 
Some awesome moments-
  • Its not the first rain...but you know the kind of day when the rain is welcoming like never before: its heavily,violently raining at around 5pm; me and my cousin look out of the window call up 3-4 friends, get into a rick and land up straight to bandstand and what we experience there is by far my best getting drenched in Mumbai rains experience!!! It was surreal...!!!!
  • when it rains heavily at night the deafening sound of the rain fills the atmosphere and in competition to it you play your fav song in full volumes!!! aah this has to be one of the best moments!
  • the occasions when its so windy that umbrella turns-over or just flies off, its fun!!! Man!!! that's so...Mumbai rains!!!
  • Not to forget hogging on garam garam batata wada and onion bhajiya whilst having kadak garam aadrak ki chai!!!
I am so missing Mumbai rains,already!!!!


  1. I am so missing Mumbai rains,already!!!! :)

  2. had my share of Mumbai rains when went home this time :D

  3. Damn im missing the good old days! lovely monsoons with friends, chai n vada pav!

  4. I miss it too...and every time I read this I am going to miss it even more...!