Sunday, June 19, 2011

Supriya "Kamal jhali tujhi"

No I dont know how happy You where when I was born
Neither do I remember how much You pampered me when I was young
But I know I enjoyed the bedtime stories
I loved spending the evenings with You
I enjoyed the time I spent arranging the toys before You came home!

We never talk much but we communicate more
I am surprised how You understand me without exchanging a word
I don't know how You figure out what's on my mind
When I am myself doubtful about my own decisions How do You know I am right!

I regret and feel sorry for
not being there on your 50th birthday 
disappointing you by my under performance
hurting you with the failures I had
the times that you needed me and I wasn't there!

I feel blessed and luckiest when You 
give me the freedom the space I need 
stand by my decisons
ask me to learn say 'no'
say something which I thought of but never told!

The mornings You wake me up 
The times when You take my side
The outings we go for
The time we spend
Are the best and most treasured moments I have! 

I love the times 
When I am with you
When you say "Supriya kamal jhali tujhi"
When someone refers me as 'Your Daughter'
And today when I say 
You are the best I mean it Papa I mean each and every word I said 
Your daughter Loves and Respects you the most!

Happy Father's Day!