Monday, September 1, 2008

my first paper ppt...

had my life's first paper presentation...!!!
have given many ppt before this...but this one was really special one... was waiting for this since my B.Sc years...and really wanted this to happen in my M.Sc....and here it was on 30th Aug 2008...

i have already posted the abstract here...and if anybody interested in reading the paper its freely available online(just type the title on Google...!!!)
OK this paper was on evolution....and it is "the" thing for me.... so the excitement of presenting it was, i seriously cant explain at what levels...!!!
actually looking at the paper...i was cautioned to take a simpler one...this one being interdisciplinary and this being my very first paper ppt!
but was quite adamant on this particular paper...after all it was on evolution and RNA!!!(ribozyme)

btw all the things required for the seminar i.e the abstract and the actual ppt... as usual did it at the 11th hr....mind well not at the 11.59th....
for a change wasn't tensed at all about the whole thing...was the first one in the whole batch of the first yr M.Sc students to present...
And let me tell you the whole thing went really well....i mean right from the intro....till the concluding was just too least i was satisfied...after the ppt!!!
Still the most dreaded part of the seminar was left...the viva questions and let me tell you there were real intelligent questions asked by both the teachers in the panel and also by my seniors!!! real good questions...and i was most delighted after answering all of them....convincingly!!!
i mean i presented for 20mins and was there at least for another 10-15mins answering the was fun!!!

hmm...was really happy about the whole went so well...really wasn't expecting it to be this way...really cool...a wonderful experience....a lifetime experience i would say!!!
now eagerly waiting for my next paper the next sem...that time there will be many expectations too....!


  1. and i wonder how other people are going to match to the high standards u have set!!!

  2. hey sups! congratulations!!!
    i cant agree more with sid!!

    we can very well understand that this must have been an excellent presentation!! its not very often to hear u say "I'm satisfied" unless the thing is actually perfect!
    congrats again sups!
    hope we get to hear ur ppt too!

    so wat other topic would u choose for next presentation???

  3. Truely i am not suprised that u delivered well...i think its routine for u when it tcomes to this topic...I remember u winning the SIES competition.You are one of those creamy layers of ur dept...Gr8 going..Keep it up!!!!!!