Saturday, September 20, 2008

times change...

walking down the memory lane
i see quite a few things change...

friends, parents, teachers, relatives
they are the one's who always keep me positive!

personal touch:is lost from communication
it is now just a two way voice recognition
the never ending enjoyable discussions
now merely get cramped in few call sessions!

life has taken a really weird turn
and here my feelings and sentiments are vigorously churned...!

life was its slow
life was its cold !!!

the transition experienced is really weird...
many new things have got a beginning here!!!
things taken for show their worth
you value things when there's dearth!!!

the situation today is quite dicey
but such situations make life spicy!

today its difficult sailing in the storm
but the sun is waiting to shine brighter after few hours long...!


  1. beautiful.... sounds like the goddamn saga of my life!!!....i guess its everybody's life now....all of us atleast..... where did ya get this/....wrote it yourself kya??

  2. yep wrote it myself...had to put those goddamn feelings out...and this was the best way i could!!!!

  3. gr8 poem sups! it seriously jots down whatever we all r feeling n going thru right now... hopefully we do have bright shining sun waiting for us...

    waiting for ur next poem...