Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Three Golden Years

it is just another day...
but you understand its importance later someday...!

a lot of chaos a lot of confusion
cause it is the day of admission...
with the formalities done...you become part of a well known institution
RUIAITE now becomes your recognition!!!

the aura here is just amazing
studies and extra curriculars here, are balancing!!!

many guest lectures to attend
there are many new things to comprehend...

boards around the gate are always full
announcing auditions and activities handfull!!!

inside the classroom the teachers enlightening
in the lab the mama's so helping...

everything around is so perfect
bunked the college, did you ever tell...
on holidays got bored staying home
because of college-the second home!!!

Ruia Micro Dept....the name itself is enough
to get the feel of atmosphere it develops...

this is the place...you make good friends
Also,with teachers books and scientific trends!

this is the place...were you start thinking
and get a feel of scientific happenings...

this the place... you start discussing
btw this is actual learning!

its amazing, the way the dept works
nothing here is forced on, even a jerk!
the greatest strength are the teachers for sure...
cause the training they give is pure!

what you attain here in three years...
Is something difficult to explain
Is something...extremely precious and of importance immense...
I guess it is the satisfaction of being educated in true sense!!!

it is just another day...
but you understand its importance later someday...!

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  1. Gr8 emotions sups...loved ur expressions...man u rock!!!!!!! Truely u describe our lifez...Thnx.