Saturday, September 20, 2008

the smarter one's!!!

just a few old observations...

mosquitoes..! they are a real menace in India...cause of malaria and its dangerous types!
so in every household you generally employ one or the other ways of taking care of them...
at my place we have got nets on the sliding windows...which prevent them from entering in...!
so in the evenings when usually they take a tour at your place,you put on the netted sliding...

now one fine evening at around 8pm...I was at the window and noticed one lizard on the net...
it was,i thought lazing around there on the outer side.
frankly speaking i being really scared of lizards and wanting to zero on the chances of it entering the
house...i just gave a jerk on the net...and it fell off!!! relieved i was!
this sequence of events took place for few more days that followed...
sometimes it was me or my bro otherwise on the remaining days...!
one day i was at the window for quite sometime then...completely bugged of doing this core everyday to find the lizard again there after sometime...was really curious...

y? the hell was the lizard always there only in the evenings???
...was she trying to terrorise me???
she wanted a breakthrough into the house??? if it was so y? was she doing it only in the evenings???
did she give it a shot, of trying to enter the house from other ways???

the answers to all this were just there...
OK...this was the time in the late Aug..when you actually experience attack of variety of insects at
your tube lights!!!
so here was this lizard strategically located at a checkpoint from which every damn insect attracted towards light would go...and she would easily feast upon them...those innocent notorious creatures!!!
wow!!! Wat a just lazing around at the right place at the right time!

moreover...y? the hell she would bother..when creatures like me were trying to shoe her off...
i mean you don't leave your feast for such silly reasons...naah..never!
the lizard had a smarter way of taking care of us...!
when she would feel our presence by the jerk we applied...the lizard was intelligent enough and would go and hide herself in between the steel non-netted region of the slide....from where she was not visible to us from the short she pretended that she was off her way home after our act...making us fell happy and relieved!!!
would come back after a while and continue with her feast!!!

from that day i never even tried to shoe her off from there...i really did not mind her being there coz she was even benefiting me from her act...the number of insects that hovered over my tube light and were quite troublesome,reduced because of the lizard's presence!!!
had it not being for this observations...i would have missed a real smart and intelligent strategy which was employed right at my window!!!


  1. it is really really surprising how much of thought must have gone into these strategies (or has any thought gone at all???)....i'll tell u something which i myself observed in our computer lab........

    The tables on which our monitor is kept have a hole in the end for all the wires to go through to the CPUs or the plug points.... now i noticed that one corner table (no PC there!) had a wed woven right across that hole.... and i was wondering why the hell wud a spider do that??? i mean what kinda insect is going to come and want to enter the hole.....??

    and then i noticed that exactly above that hole is our tube light...and if by chance an insect enter below the table from the front it will want to move towards the light and the only source of light under the table is that insects move towarsd that source and right into that web,.....hehehe fantastic i thought.....later when i saw that spider it was real rael fat!!!

    i wonder how such strategies develop?? cause its too much of a co-ncidence that the spider will weave its web at such a location randomly....

  2. yep...don't know exactly...but surely not a matter of co-incidence!

    i mean in such cases only an observation proves so actually start wondering how foolish we are to label ourselves as the only intelligent species!

    here i again take the opportunity to ask...
    in such would you define intelligence????

  3. definition of "intelligence" just as defn of "life" is as blurred as u can think... humans have defined these terms accoring to their convenience... tht too god knows how long back...
    in case of these "lower" animals n insects..intelligence i guess can be equated in terms of survival strategies.. while in terms for humans, it has a broader meaning... dont know how much sense i'm making... ok i'm not intelligent enuf ,.... hehe :D

  4. thats one sweet question.....
    HAS anyone ever iobserved a spider make its first web...till it makes its last web and analysed the strategies and tactics as they evolved....may be that will help answer this Q,....may be....